Soup-to-Nuts Internet Professional

  • Extensive, hands-on web development, project management and deployment operations experience.
  • Complex problem solver and back-end developer skilled in multiple web-related languages.
  • Manager of teams across multiple disciplines throughout the SDLC process.
  • Life-long technologist highly skilled at using and learning new technologies, languages and processes.

My experience runs the gamut from coding a fully functioning CMS for a magazine solo – to managing a team of web developers creating online experiences for millions of users.

I like to be somewhere between those two extremes and thrive well under ambient light and music. I am an equal measure of right and left brain – comfortable in both Photoshop and Vi(m).

Startups and young businesses

A common phrase heard is “we don’t know what we don’t know”. For a startup without an Internet specialist in every area, I would be an asset to manage the unknown for them in this field.

My number one skill set is learning what is required to complete the job. My rounded experience in all aspects of “Internet needs” makes me uniquely qualified to assist startups and young businesses as they transition to larger organizations.

Established companies and institutions

Larger organizations need leadership with development experience. As a successful leader of remote teams I’ve managed developers and cross-functional staff to develop public websites and web applications. My varied corporate experience allows me to say with confidence that I would be a valuable addition to any organization.

Thank you,

Brian Gibbins