Back up your iOS Day

Today is backup your iOS (device) day around our house. 

In preparation for the release of iOS11 tomorrow I’ve backed up my iPhone and made sure I had the latest OS installed (I did).

Why today? Why back it up?

I do it today because quite frankly a new OS drop is a good reminder to do what I should do more frequently anyway. I’m not going to write a <soapbox> about why you should back up your phone </soapbox>. I back up mine frequently and if I hadn’t learned on my own, I would have learned on behalf of my family and friends who have come to me asking about what happened.

I will tell you a secret though…

An iCloud backup does not contain your passwords, Health and HomeKit data. What this means is if you do a back up of your phone to iCloud and use the backup on a new device (or a newly wiped device) —when you go to restore it, your health information as well as the rest of the data mentioned above will not be restored to your new(ish) device.

I used to back up to iCloud exclusively thinking this was the best way… the Apple way. It’s not. The best way is to back up your iPhone to your computer with an encrypted backup. I didn’t so much care about my passwords, but not having my meticulously tracked health data on my new phone was sad indeed.

Have a look at this iTunes screen capture below and note how Apple makes it clear if one only pays attention.