Enjoy dropping your phone in the toilet ;)

My youngest daughter dropped her phone in a public toilet last weekend. After emerging from the restroom and explaining her plight, we ran through the store in search of a bag of rice and then rushed to the customer service desk. After paying, I ripped the plastic off at the top, poured out some of the contents into a waiting trash receptacle and then inserted the phone into the rest of the rice in the bag.

The cashier just stood there watching, stunned. Crisis averted for the moment, but after a quick swim like that, any phone is a ticking time bomb, ready to go off… literally and permanently.

At home now, my wife to the rescue again, she gets online with AT&T and tells me that someone will be coming to our house to hand deliver a replacement phone and help set it up.

Now it was my turn to be stunned. I looked at her and said something really deep like “Um, what?”

She shrugged her shoulders and said that this was a free service and that someone would contact her by 7pm and be at our house no later than 8pm. Well, it was now about 4:30 on a Sunday and I was still skeptical even after the technician texted a few minutes later and let us know he would be there at 7pm.

Dinner completed, my daughter anxiously waited the arrival of her new phone signaled by a knock on the front door.

Sure enough, JC was here, an employee of Enjoy and representative of AT&T at our home to unbox and set up the phone. As long time Apple users, we had already backed up the original, still working phone. From there it was just turn on the phone, run through the set up and activate it. Most of the time spent was with me asking questions about the business model. How the relationship between the two companies was going and chatting about technology in general. Within 30 minutes we were saying goodbye to JC. Leaving me still shocked by the service I had just received from a company whose retail offices I had previously spent many hours in, waiting for someone to help me.

AT&T, partnering with Enjoy was a great decision from the customer experience point of view. Thanks.