Get to know your geek!

4 questions to ask a geek, designed to expose their level of geekiness

Mac or PC?

Ask this question in a room full of geeks to start anything from a passionate conversation to an all out war. This is undoubtedly the most well known debate in the computer industry. Both camps are equally vocal about which is the best. Bonus geek points to the first person to ask why Linux isn’t included in the choice.

iOS or Android?

A close second to the above question is the mobile OS of choice. Those who answered Apple to the previous question will frequently (but not always) answer iOS to this one citing many of the same reasons.  Stir the pot by asking about version fragmentation.

Tabs or Spaces?

An opinion on this question will expose the programmers among the crowd. Only professional coders will have a reason to back up their preference. Extra points for the geek who compares readability to compilation time.

PHP or Python?

Another question for the web developers, in this case primarily the back-end folks. To the front end developers who take exception to this categorization… are you sure you are not in-fact closer to full stack?

Be sure and ask these fun and leading questions if the room hasn’t already erupted into chaos!

  • Star Wars or Star Trek?
  • jQuery or Prototype?
  • Google or Amazon?
  • Git or SVN?
  • Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones?
  • Closed or Open Source?
  • Box or Dropbox?
  • Kirk or Picard?
  • IDE or vim?
  • Wizard or Dungeon Master?