4Patriots – Nashville, Tennessee

March 2014 – May 2017

Senior Web Developer and Software Engineer

Hired into Reboot Marketing as a Senior Web Developer to allow the existing designer/developer to concentrate only on marketing and design of the four core product lines. The Senior Web Developer was responsible for the entire technology stack of the company.

  • Migrated existing Dropbox usage to GitHub as a DVCS.
  • Introduced Jira and Confluence as workflow components with GitHub.
  • Rewrote core sales platform to better manage growing list of product lines for the company.
  • Used rewritten platform to launch new successful core product line.
  • Used rewritten platform to launch new JV and products as new product line.
  • Introduced API concepts as requirement for advanced platform needs driven by company growth.
  • Automated development, stage and production deployments using Jenkins.

Director of Technology

Promoted to Director of Technology, as my broader set of skills was suited to growing the development and engineering teams. This Director of Technology was developed as a growth role for the technology team tripling the development resources as the technology needs of the company increased.

  • Hired (or cross-promoted) additional development resources to allow the company to build the requisite API as a foundation for the planned application growth over the next three years.
  • Led team to create robust proprietary system that managed all sales and tracking information.
  • Led team to create proprietary testing suite that integrates into the proprietary sales and tracking platform.
  • Successfully launched additional product lines / sites using the combined platform.

Director of Engineering

Promoted to Director of Engineering to focus on engineering maintenance and growth. The Director of Engineering manages the machines and the processes used by the technology departments to develop, test and deliver software solutions to the 4Patriots team. This role is a trusted advisor to the executive team and the company, serving as a bridge for every level of technology in current use for the company’s web presences and Internet-based applications.

  • Refactored deployment scripts with additional features and fail-safes.
    • To provide additional feedback to developers when scripts failed due to their commits.
    • To ensure that production deployments matched a normative tagging standard.
    • To take environmental inputs from Jenkins and provide additional post-backs to internal deployment tracking database.
    • To display the deployment data for production deployments for every product line on the company wiki for easy employee reference.
  • Integrated New Relic as a performance-monitoring tool for all cloud servers.
    • To provide application level monitoring for each product line across load balancers.
    • To provide server level monitoring for MySQL servers and internal SAPI servers.
    • To provide an integration point with Jira for easier tracking of issues raised from New Relic.
  • Migrated key applications and data from legacy servers to current day LAMP versions.
  • Developed automated backup scripts for creating daily backups of 12+ WordPress sites (files and data) on designated backup server.