HowStuffWorks – Atlanta, Georgia

October 2006 – January 2008

Senior PHP Developer

In October 2006 I accepted contract employment at to work with another contractor and a handful of employees to update their website with a new user experience. Working with the other contractor we quickly separated the project into two distinct areas. My primary role was to handle the code for the front-end while the other contractor handled the back-end. By the end of the project the other contractor and I were hired as full time developers.

At that time, was a privately owned website that provided in-depth answers to questions about well… how stuff works. I worked closely with the entire tech team and learned from each member. As a developer I would variously work on Microsites for exclusive sponsorships or build new features into the internally developed CMS.

PHP Development Team Lead / Senior Software Engineer

My ability to work closely with both technical and non-technical staff often created a bridge between the two and I was promoted to be a team lead for the core web development team. The core team focus was on the delivery engine and rendering portions of the website.

I worked with the product, project management and executive management teams while being groomed by the SVP of Technology for a management role.

Web Development Manager

Around November of 2007, I was promoted to web development manager which had me supervising both my original core team as well as the CMS team. As the web development manager for the PHP developers at, I provided resource planning and leadership for the teams. As both a department manager and senior web application developer I provided unique insight into process, procedure and problems that arise and gave recommendations and feedback to senior management.

My teams continued to provide award winning user experiences and earn the company prestige in the industry. Enough so that Discovery Communications turned their eye toward the company.